Perla Negra (Black Pearl) is a jewelry brand from Romania, with an over 14 years of experience.  I worked closely with Perla Neagra Jewellery, to identify their values, define their brand tonality and find their competitive advantages.

The main focus of this project was to create an identity that will communicate, content creation and strategy. One of the main visual elements of our identity is the logo, which takes its design from the shape of a black pearl. In the middle of the sphere, I kept the initials of the brand’s name, as it is already known by the customers, and to be easier to be recognized.

As their customers are mainly women, I focused on a soft, delicate and warm visual identity, that will communicate clearly to the chosen target. The main idea was to externs brand’s audience, and expand on the online platform, within social media.

art direction
visual identity
graphic design

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