Carturesti Playground is a festival project initiated by Cărtureşti, a company that owns a network of 12 bookstores all over Romania. The festival was first organized in Bucharest,
for 3 days in which children and their parents were invited to participate in different activities.

As the event was mainly concentrated on a creative way to entertain and educate children,
the activities were based on various workshops.

The concept behind this project was to create a jolly poster design, for this annual festival, dedicated to the game lovers. The 3-day festival was going to take place in June, to celebrate Children's day.


art direction
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As I previusly worked on the Carturesti Playground Festival’s first edition, I already knew the audience and the vibe of the festival. I started with a few sketches that kept the same visual language. The geometrical forms and the joyful characters were the mark of the visual identity. I kept the same feeling, but refreshed it with a new set of colours and characters.

The beginning of my brief investigation, for the first edition, was to determine what kind of audience my client has and to study the brand’s history and communication. The identification of the target audience helped me to develop the right design elements to create a jubilant visual and feel.

After I made the sketches and I chose with my client the right approach, I started to bring in the colours. From the right color palette, considering what scheme will make my audience to be most receptive, I composed my design using specific components.
The characters’ dynamism, the playful pattern, the simple yet effective geometrical forms, but the most important, the joyful color scheme, were the key elements that shaped the right visual message of my festive design.



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